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A ban of all mobile phones in primary and secondary schools

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There is an increasing body of evidence supporting the fact that social media and the internet harms the mental health of our youngsters.

Professionals have not gone as far (yet) to say that any use of this technology is harmful, but admit excessive use most certainly is, contributing to childhood loneliness, low self esteem and in the worst cases, deliberate self harm and even suicide.

We would have to be blind not to have noticed our children standing in groups looking and talking at screens, rather than each other. This introverted, quick fire satisfaction is not only significantly shortening their concentration spans and damaging their sleep, but also contributing to a decrease in their life satisfaction as a whole, in part due to its interference with forming lasting meaningful relationships.

Instant gratification does our children no favours. They lose the feeling of fulfilment from long and hard earned work. Life has become vanilla for many children as the internet and social media is constantly competing for their attention and creativity, quite literally blocking and stifling their own dreams and natural uninterrupted thought. It amplifies problems that should have been left to heal naturally over time and disrupts natural processes that are vital for their healthy neurodevelopment.

What is worse is that the children with lower IQs are being shown to be relatively more affected by these devices than the brighter children. Double trouble for the most vulnerable. Lower grades. Lower self esteem. Impeded and corroded life chances as a result of an artificial device adults put in their hands.

Yet we allow them in schools?

What we are doing about it

We have created a petition to encourage the Department of Education to introduce proper legislation surrounding mobile phone use in the school day aiming to ban our children from using these in Primary and Secondary schools and we would like you to join us by signing our petition over on change.org .

Please make school the one place that children can abandon these devices that they neither need nor benefit from in any meaningful way. Let’s protect their neurodevelopment from this permanent damage, help re-build their self esteem and find fulfilment in life again. Childhood mental health issues have never been more prevalent. We can help change this. Sign this petition to help encourage the Department of Education to introduce proper legislation surrounding mobile phone use in the school day. No more phones in schools.