You Before Two resources now live on FPA.org.uk (click here)!

A statement from the You Before Two Board of Trustees

After an immense amount of consideration, we have decided to close the charity You Before Two at the end of March 2024.

It is with great pride that we announce that our PSHE Association Quality Marked resources are to move to the Family Planning Association (FPA). These resources that support children from year 9 upwards with the issues of body health, sexual health, periods, sexual consent, healthy relationships, and family planning will soon sit within the existing FPA resource library. This will not impact the existing users of these resources who will be supported in full during this switchover, with no extra cost to them.

The Good News!

  • All the teaching resources will pass to the FPA which has been offering health and sex education for over 90 years and online Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) resources since 2015. Existing customers are in safe hands.
  • All schools that bought our PSHE Association approved “Contraception Choices” or “Fundamentals” resources will continue to have full access and there will be no additional cost.
  • The teaching resources will be available on the You Before Two website in the immediate future, but they will soon move to the FPA site and at such point the access for all existing schools and other users will be automatically moved across to the FPA site. Emails will be sent out at every step of the way and contact details are below for any queries at any stage of the process. Until you are contacted please access the resources as you normally would.
  • A core reason for setting up the charity was to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds receive high-quality and accessible RSE. The FPA will pick up the mantle by:
    • Offering discounts on You Before Two resources to schools with a high proportion of disadvantaged children.
    • Ensuring 50% of all new sales are put back into getting the teaching resources to schools with a high proportion of disadvantaged children. 
  • Any remaining You Before Two charitable funds will be donated to the Gufasha Girls Foundation as we move across to the FPA.

You Before Two will close on 31st March 2024, but this should not impact on existing users of our resources and hopefully, an inspiring new learning journey awaits new users on the FPA platform. 

In the meantime, we would like to say the most heartfelt thanks to our wonderful supporters over the past 5 years. It has been challenging at times, but never enough to undermine the magic of it all. 

We have learnt an enormous amount, not least the infinite importance of safe, relatable, evidence-based, fun, and informative relationships and sex education. 

Here are some messages from extremely important contributors to the success of You Before Two. First and foremost, the brilliant Dr Naomi Sutton.

Dr Naomi Sutton

‘It has been an absolute honour to be involved with the You Before Two charity. I have learnt so much on my journey of making the resources with Becky.  I will be forever grateful that I can call this tenacious, passionate, and enthusiastic woman a friend for life.

It is a joy to think that the FPA, who already do such brilliant work in providing accurate and informative information, will be taking these teaching resources forward so that they can be used to both enrich and protect the lives of our young people.’

You Before Two Chair Michelle Freer

‘You Before Two’s aim is and always will be to develop quality, clinically led sexual education resources for young people. It will be sad to see You Before Two close but to every ending there is a new beginning.’  

Joan Kembabazi, Founder of the Gufasha Girls Foundation

‘We are so humbled to receive a generous donation from You Before Two. A donation that is going to inspire and support us to reach greater heights in the work we do. We thank You Before Two for believing in us and our mission.We are truly grateful for your support.’

Family Planning Association, Adam Jepsen

We feel very lucky to be able to offer You Before Two’s high-quality relevant, frank and fun teaching resources.

This is a big step forward in our wider vision of providing young people with the information that lets them make positive healthy decisions and have positive healthy relationships for the rest of their lives.

Contact for any queries:  fpadirect@fpa.org.uk

You Before Two is here to encourage all young men and women to respect and protect themselves (the ‘you’), before considering entering into a serious relationship or having a baby (the ‘two’)

We ask young people to consider our places on the planet, not just in our homes. We talk about the meaning of the concept of the ‘planned, wanted child,’ with emphasis on both boys and girls taking responsibility for their sexual health and family planning. We encourage an awareness of women across the world who are denied access to contraception and basic human rights and welcome the thoughts of young minds on how we might change this.