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Fundamentals Bundle Deal

For year 9 upwards – £395

The Fundamentals Bundle is comprised of 5 hours of lesson plans in PDF and powerpoint format. Each lesson is one hour in length with a student take-home factsheet for each and lesson feedback sheets for teacher purposes. 

Also included in the bundle is teacher guidance on how to get the best use of the package and the best order in which to teach the lessons.

Each one-hour lesson is built around each of the five videos Dr Foljambe and Dr Sutton created.

Purchasing all five lessons at a cost of £395, all of which is put back into the charity, is the best way to cover all the topics of penile and vulval health (featuring the penis pressure and vulval vexation films), STIs and STI screening (featuring the Sexual Health Check film), sexual consent ( featuring the Sex script: consent film) and menstrual health (featuring the period dramas film). 

Or purchase separately:

Sexual Health Check


Sex Script: Consent


Vulval Vexations


Period Dramas


Penis Pressure


Contraception Choices

For year 11 upwards – £150

Explore contraception options and make informed choices with this comprehensive online course designed for Key Stage 4 students. Delve into two one-hour lessons that provide valuable insights into contraception, helping your students make the right decisions for their wellbeing.

This course includes two one-hour lessons: 

Contraception Choices – Lesson 1: Exploring the options.

Contraception choices – Lesson 2: Making the choice.