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Sex can be a tricky, messy and complicated business, especially as a young person. It can often be easy to forget that it is supposed to be fun.

Mental Power

Learn how to improve your mental power with a little help from these carefully handpicked resources.


It is now an established neuroscientific fact that the teen-brain is very different to the adult one. 

Babies & The Planet

272 million women across the world right now have no access to contraception.


On the whole, if you are otherwise healthy, you do not NEED to see or experience a period in order to be feminine or fertile.


We can always be more savvy with the internet. We need to be alert to the harm it is doing our youngsters. And a message to the young from us:

Drugs and Alcohol

Any alcohol drunk under the age of 15 harms the development of our brains.

Illegal drugs are potentially fatal even if taken once.

Relationships & Abuse

The quality of our relationships determines the happiness of our lives.