Own your period!

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On the whole, if you are otherwise healthy, you do not NEED to see or experience a period in order to be feminine or fertile. This feels like an extraordinary concept to grasp and goes against what many of us were led to believe as young women.

There is now so much choice out there as to what we can use to plan and control our periods and when/if we want a pregnancy.  From short acting and daily use contraception like the pill, to longer acting contraception that also offers fantastic control of our periods, like the coil. You can have a coil at any age if your doctor or sexual health nurse feels it is right for you. Do not hesitate to contact any of the support below if you would like to learn more:

What is right for you? Take the UCL Contraceptive choices test!

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If your period is getting you down, please talk to your GP or sexual health clinic. There are actual conditions that directly link low mood to periods. It is not just PMS! Take a look at this link on MIND. Manage your period and you can directly and beneficially manage your mood.

Green periods!

We are having too many periods and using too many period products which end up in landfill or our waterways. Again, this isn’t necessary and we have immense power to change this. Please see the links below where you can learn more about how to take control of your period and have a planet friendly cycle. OWN YOUR PERIOD. DO NOT LET IT OWN YOU.

Have a planet friendly period. And tell your friends!

Helpful websites…

Here we have listed some helpful websites that may be able to answer questions you have around periods. Take a look but if you still have questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we are here to listen to you and help you in any way we can.