Babies and the Planet

272 million women across the world right now have no access to contraception.

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 It is important that we stop and really think about how paralysing that must feel for that woman trapped in a lifetime of pregnancy risk and often becoming pregnant against her will with children she can neither financially or emotionally afford.

Women being enabled to access family planning and exercise their choice to have only those pregnancies that are planned and wanted is something that is not only their right, but has also been shown in all settings to directly lift and enhance societies. This happens because women are a huge asset to society and have immense value in the workplace. Not only that, our current population growth rate poses a severe threat to sustainability and is a feature that was complicit in the covid19 pandemic as increasing human populations are encroaching on wild animal environments. This is a risk to all and can be denied by none.

Please explore this hub to see how far the ‘planned wanted child’ concept reaches into all areas of our lives.

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In this country we have the enormous privilege of being able to access contraception as often as we like for free. This is sadly not extended to all women. Please see the wonderful work going on across the world to empower and educate young women and improve their access to family planning services.