Magic Board & Burgers!

It has been a wonderful journey getting the charity registered, then looking up and out to individuals who could enrich the organisation.

Last night was a magical realisation that we have made an extremely solid start! Here with me are 4 of our magnificent board of trustees. (We missed you Helen and Kelly!!). Brandishing our charity bracelets and laying their hearts and minds open to how we improve our reach to teens in schools, and other projects to boot!

It is no small thing when professionals with full time day jobs, then give up yet more of their precious time, for free.

Thank you to our brilliant, energetic, sharp, sensible and arrestingly kind Trustees. Onwards !

And you MUST check out the amazing food and community enterprise of @makenobones. Unfathomably delicious meat free burgers that we decided were the best burgers we’d EVER tasted!!!

Join our Board?

We currently have vacancies for the following Trustees on our Board.

  • Treasurer
  • Fundraising Lead

If you are over 18 and are interested in taking on a new challenge, read on!

Details and requirements relevant to all our Trustee roles:

Being a Trustee, especially of a smaller charity, takes dedication, requires commitment and is a big responsibility, but it is a fantastic way to help make a real and lasting difference in the lives of others.

Location: Remote, with attendance at quarterly meetings in the North Nottinghamshire area where possible.

Commitment: Approximately 5-10 hours per month. Trustee meetings are quarterly and held in the North Nottinghamshire area. You are welcome to join in person but remote attendance is also fine.

Duration: We’re looking for individuals who can commit to our Board for a minimum of 2 years.

Volunteer: Trusteeship is a voluntary unpaid role.

How to apply: Please email to obtain the specific role descriptions and information on how to apply.

Application deadline:  11th June 2021.

We would be delighted to speak further with you.



Join Us!


Our predominant aim is for our workshops to be fun. As the researcher and producer of our workshops I constantly ask myself; Is this relatable? Are these facts completely accurate, up to date, relevant and reproducible in real life? It is of no use whatsoever to tell a child that they can’t have sex until they are 16 as that is illegal. What does that mean? Will they get arrested if they do it younger than that? Unlikely. (If they are of a similar age to each other and the sex is safe and consensual).

I carefully weave real life scenarios into actual law and constantly ask the students to tell me what they think, feel and understand. They must never feel afraid to tell us what they are up to. If they are in trouble they are going to need our help. If they are happy and enjoying life, they are going to need our help and support to maintain the status quo. We always have a role whether we feel employed or acknowledged in this role or not!

In order to enter schools to deliver our workshops you will need the following attributes:

  • Positive thinker (we know that feels impossible sometimes!), fear swallower (frightened – but we do it anyway is our mantra!), self-rescuer and predominantly an active listener, rather than talker. We aim to upload not download!
  • 100% reliable, trustworthy and honest with a clean DBS check (enhanced level).
  • Punctual, efficient and happy to show initiative and give your time for free (although we abide by all official volunteer policies and subscribe to Volunteer Solutions UK and will reimburse any reasonable expenses).

Please click here if you are interested in volunteering to deliver/help deliver the workshops.