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You Before Two is here to encourage all young men and women to respect and protect themselves (the ‘you’), before considering entering into a serious relationship or having a baby (the ‘two’)

We ask young people to consider our places on the planet, not just in our homes. We talk about the meaning of the concept of the ‘planned, wanted child,’ with emphasis on both boys and girls taking responsibility for their sexual health and family planning. We encourage an awareness of women across the world who are denied access to contraception and basic human rights and welcome the thoughts of young minds on how we might change this.

We encourage boys to take reproductive responsibility from the moment they start having sex. 

Boys and men may only be able to wear a condom, but the potential burden of an unplanned pregnancy should be shared equally, to prevent pressure being piled on young women. If men and boys share this responsibility, we can continue to reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies. Child pregnancy rates are as high as 20 per 1000 under 18s in parts of England with around 50%-70% of these resulting in abortions. Planning pregnancies properly continues to be enormously important, if we are to move on from the relative plateau we find ourselves in over the past few years. It is time for another push.

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